The MiM Story

You’ve spent so much time and energy, creating fantastic pieces, packing them up and hauling them to a local market. When you get there, you have a stall next to a pottery-mad Aussie, who’s telling you all about her home studio. As it turns out, she lives just up the road from you, and she’s happy for you to come round and have a go at the potter’s wheel. You finally get a break from your stall to walk through the market. You see a lady from a local shop buying a book from a local author. You see the little girl from the playgroup buying a sweet handmade hair bow. You can smell the local food vendor’s tacos, paella and fresh baked goods. The music is fantastic; there’s a DJ playing songs you forgot you loved. Local young people are performing classic singalongs and Scottish folk songs. You sign up for the cake decorating workshop because you’ve always wanted to learn how to do that. You see the local youth arts group has a stall. You want to support them and you promise to buy something later. You do just that. But first, on the stage, is that Scottish musician you like who is making a special appearance because they live here and love this special space.

When you return to your stall, half your wares have sold. You eat your tacos and boy, are they good! But no more for you, you’re saving room for a treat made by a local baker. You can start chatting again with the people who come to your stall, many of them asking how you make such beautiful things! It’s the end of the day. Now here’s the worse part, packing up and hauling what’s left back to your house. Luckily you sold most of it. It’s the end of a very long, but very uplifting day.


It was more than a marketplace; it was a community.

This is what MiM created. When the pandemic hit, there were no markets. We knew we needed to create a space that was more than a marketplace. We needed to create a better Marketplace, online, where local people can showcase the quality of their wares and be inspired by what they see in other people’s work. 

We’re passionate about providing spaces where everyone is welcome and can find quality artistry and a community that they connect with. 


Meet the Team

Renae Bell
Founding & Managing Director

Owner: Yellow Door Studio

I’m a community-driven, pottery mad Aussie, and a mother of four, who accidentally left her front door and found herself in Midlothian. After years of lifelong-learning pottery classes, I took the plunge and established Yellow Door Studio, a home pottery studio specialising in functional bespoke hand-thrown ceramics.

Since February 2019, I’ve been working with other local community groups and volunteers to shape events that are all about the creative arts and how it can benefit our community.

Shondra Riley
Managing Director

Owner: Complement Entertainment

Co-Director, True and Woke

I’m from Los Angeles and I have lived in Midlothian since 2012. I’m a mum, an event planner, a volunteer school librarian and I have an alter-ego called Miss Sugar Lady DJ.

I saw a post about Made in Midlothian on Facebook. I volunteered to DJ an event and was also given the opportunity to programme the music stage. The community feedback was so great, that our MiM Music Programme is funded in 2020 by the National Lottery Community Fund!

I am excited to see where MiM will go in the future. It’s a wonderful community initiative that I am proud to be part of.

My superpower: Bloody-mindedness!

Erin White
Founding Director

Owner: Whyte Craft and Buzzy Bees Music

I’m a local girl from Gorebridge, a Mum to two kids and a part-time crafter at Whyte Craft. I am also the singer of musical duo soundLounge, a function band with an acoustic, lounge style.

When I spotted a post about Made in Midlothian, I trundled along to a meeting and I’ve since become MiM Secretary. I love being part of the Steering Group, planning exciting events for the creative arts in Midlothian.

With my background in music and working with children, I created Buzzy Bees Music in 2019 and I love every minute of.

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