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How to get your MiM products ranked higher on Google

Earn more money by getting more traffic to your products! SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION for your MiM products.

This is a how to guide, follow our simple instructions and get more qualified traffic to your product pages.

This short and easy to follow explanation of how to get your products on the Made in Midlothian website found on search engines will have a very positive impact over time on your sales. Google and Bing can take some time to re index your products so you may not see your changes on the search results for a few weeks.

How your products show in the Google search results

Example 1 – Poor search engine result listing:

MiM SEO Guide poor result listing

This example shows what a poor search engine result looks like. It has 3 parts:

  • The URL – You can change this but generally it’s automatically created from your product title which should be fine.
  • The SEO PAGE TITLE – This is critically important to getting search engines to index your page correctly. See more under PRODUCT NAME below.
  • The META DESCRIPTION – This is your sales pitch. It has little or no effect on your products ranking but it’s the copy/sales pitch that will entice a user to click on the search result. Without a great meta description you will not get any traffic, regardless of how high you are in the search results.

Example 2 – A better search engine result listing:

MiM SEO Guide good result listing

In example 1 the title is quite basic and there is no meta description because the short description area in the product details has not been filled in.

In example 2 the title (in blue/purple) is too long resulting in the … at the end, but it is a lot better.  The meta description (long text under the title) is a far better sales pitch.  The bold words in the meta description (text highlighted in bold like “dog bowl) are Google showing the words I typed into the Google search as highlighted.


So let’s look at how you can improve your listing and get more sales.


  • The product name also becomes the SEO Page Title.
  • Make sure it accurately describes the product. For example, rather than just “Personalised Dog Bowl” why not use “Personalised ceramic Dog Bowl in a variety of colours”
  • You should limit your title to 50 characters including spaces as this is all the search engines will show, so it is best practice and making them longer is pointless as no one will see the additional text.


The short description becomes your META DESCRIPTION, as well as being displayed prominently below the categories and tags to the right of the images of your product.  Make sure this is a great sales pitch.  The long description is at the bottom of the product page, see screenshot below.

This is the example product showing the Short Description

MiM SEO Guide short description

Long description location is at the bottom of your product page.  This makes up the rest of your pages content and is again very important to ranking as Google will use this text, in conjunction with your short description and product name, to index your page in its database.

MiM SEO Guide long description


Images are a difficult subject to understand so we have tried to explain then as simply as possible. Any product images you use should:

  • Be of high quality, remember great images sell, poor images do not.
  • Be square to look best in the shop but it’s not critical. Landscape is fine, portrait is less attractive.
  • Images will show as 530 pixels wide by whatever the height is, depending on the orientation of your image, square, portrait, or landscape.
  • Try to avoid portrait images.
  • Ideally all images in the product gallery should be the same size and orientation for a product. Larger images will be required if the Zoom option is to work well so aim for 1500 pixels wide.
  • If you know how to do this the .jpg file should also be saved/exported from your graphics software as 80% quality, this reduces the file size and makes the page load faster without compromising on quality.
  • When you upload the image ALWAYS add an ALT TAG. This is simply a description of the image for screen readers. Not doing so will get the page penalised in Google.
  • When you are adding the ALT TAG we recommend you copy the same text to the TITLE and DESCRIPTION fields as best practice. Don’t use the CAPTION field unless you want the caption to show under the image.
  • Here’s a good example


These will have no impact on search engine ranking BUT adding them is important for internal site search.


Again these are primarily for internal search. Please ensure they are all relevant, do not add tags for the sake of it.

That’s all there is to it.  If you do this for all your products the impact on your business could be huge. Clearly it depends on the competition and other factors but most users don’t do this work.  As the saying goes “If it was easy everyone would do it”.

Good luck, The team at MiM

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