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MiM Marketplace Seller FAQs


Becoming a Marketplace Seller


How do I join?

Simply go to sign in and register as a vendor. Your account will be created immediately and you can start setting up your shop with a banner, profile picture and introduction. We will then approve your shop so you can start listing products and selling!


Do I have to be in Midlothian?

We ask that our sellers are in, around or connected to Midlothian to ensure our customers are shopping local. 


Do my goods have to be handmade?

We ask that the goods you are selling have been created by you in some way. We are primarily a support for businesses in the creative arts and self employed creatives.


Do my listings have to be physical products?

No they don’t! We would like to see the MiM website cover all aspects of the creative arts. This includes classes, experiences, services, vouchers and downloadable content. 


I re-sell goods made by others, can I join the marketplace?

Sorry we do not accept multi-level marketing businesses such as Essens, Body Shop at Home, Tropic or Usborne books.



Fees and Payments


How much will it cost me to be on the site?

Nothing, MiM only charges when you make a sale! It is 5% commission plus the Stripe payment processing fee.


What is Stripe?

Stripe is a well used payment processing company just like Paypal, they are used by many different companies including Deliveroo and They’re fees are cheaper and you get the bulk of your payment faster!


I have made a sale, how long until I receive payment?

Stripe will transfer 75% of the funds within 7days. The other 25% is held by stripe for 60 days then transferred. This will all happen automatically so there is no need to do anything.



Your Shop


Do I have to have my name and address on display?

No you don’t, these details can be changed in your settings.


Do I need to email my customers to say I have received their order?

No, the system sends an automatic order confirmation email. Included in the email is the customer order note at the bottom of the product listing. You can customise this to give all the details needed on collection, postage, delivery and lead times.





Can I offer gift wrapping?

Yes. Go to your settings and create and edit a new add-on. This option will be given to all purchases in your store.


How do I set up postage? 

Our postage system is slightly more complex to allow for local delivery and collection options, global postage zones and the incredibly varied selection of products offered by our talented artists. The good news is you only have to set it up once. Click here for a guide to help you.


How do I add different sizes and colour options to a product?

First change the product type to variable product on the drop down menu below title. Then scroll to Attribute and Variation and create a custom attribute and add in your options. If you would like to create different prices, postage costs or stock levels check ‘used for variations’. Then create variations from all attributes and assign values.


Can I create special offers?

Yes, there are several ways to do this. You can put a sale on your entire shop in your store settings, you can create discount codes to give directly to your customer or you can discount a specific product.


How do I add a question for my customers when purchasing?

You can add in a question requiring a text response using the add-ons field. This is great for personalisations and bespoke orders.


Why are my photos taking ages to load?

It is highly recommended that you compress your photos before loading them onto the site. This will greatly enhance your customers experience and ensure the site runs smoothly for everyone. 


How do I compress my photos?

You can compress your photos using a photo compressing downloadable application or website. There are many on the market most of which are easy to use and free, just type photo compressing application into your browser or the playstore.


Promoting Your Shop



How do I get featured in the monthly catalogue?

We look for makers that are active in our community, have quality, handmade, ethical goods, good photos, complete biographies and product descriptions. We also need listings that either have multiples available or are high ticket to promote which is worth keeping in mind when creating your listings.


How will MiM promote me?

We will be releasing a monthly catalogue and using targeted ads and posters. We will also be introducing our seller and product spotlights on social media. We ask our sellers to share and promote our marketing material as much as possible. Our hope is by bringing us all together we can all help each other.


How do I promote my shop?

You can promote your shop by copying and pasting the URL (the address bar at the top of the window starting with into any social media post. You can also do this with any specific listing to promote or send to your customers to make ordering easier for them.



Further Support 


I am stuck, where can I get help?

You can check out the FAQ’s here and consult our set up guide and our advanced postage guide. If you require more help please get in touch with 


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