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Eco-friendly shopping with Approachable Earth at The Lothian Larder

On 29th May, Approachable Earth pop-ups to sell eco-friendly, reusable food storage products in the Lothian Larder at Saughland Farm. Andrea Nichol tells us her journey to Approachable Earth.

How did you start making eco-friendly products for Approachable Earth?

I first started Approachable Earth when I went to the grocery store to buy veg for a soup and saw a single turnip wrapped in plastic. I decided I could do better and I began to make my Fruit/Veggie Product Bags for shopping and storing fruit and veg.  

What makes your products eco-friendly?

I make everything from natural materials: wool, silk, cotton and linen, coconut shell and wooden buttons, beeswax. All of these items are for everyday use and can be reused over and over to reduce plastic and non-environmentally friendly waste.

wax food storage eco friendly

What other eco-friendly products do you make?

As well as Fruit/Veggie Product bags, which are waxed fabric products to replace cling film, I make Harris Tweed wool handbags and purses. All are eco-friendly options to use every day.

Approachable Earth will be at The Lothian Larder on Saturday, 29th May from 10-6.

The Lothian Larder is Midlothian‘s first farm shop vending machine. It is located on the family-run Saughland Farm in Pathhead. They have a various selection of fresh meat and produce sourced locally.

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