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Ethical Shopping with MiM

Joanna Long, a former researcher with Ethical Consumer explains why you can feel good shopping on our Marketplace.

That purchase isn’t just a financial transaction

There’s a story in the news that a popular retailer pays its workers’ terrible wages, is frivolous with natural resources, and doesn’t pay its fair share of tax. The retailer is also selling a thing that you want, and so you buy it.

That purchase is your endorsement of that retailer’s business practices. You heard about worker exploitation, environmental damage and tax avoidance, and you said, “I’m ok with that”. But are you?


If money is a vote for the type of world you want, why not vote for something better?

Malin Widstrand photography
Malin Widstrand Photography

Made in Midlothian is a social enterprise. Its primary purpose is to benefit the local community, not line the pockets of its Directors or remote shareholders.

As a ‘not-for-profit, any financial surplus goes into activities that benefit the local community and the Arts in Midlothian. By shopping with MiM, you directly support local creatives in Midlothian and surrounding communities.

To maintain the website, Sellers pay a small commission (5% of their sales) to MiM, plus a 2.5% payment processing fee. The remaining profit belongs to the Seller.

Charities and community groups only pay the payment processing fee, keeping 97.5% of their sales.

The next time you buy a gift or a treat for yourself through MiM, you can feel better knowing that your money is doing good for Midlothian at the same time.

If you don’t share MiM’s values, but you buy something on the Marketplace because you like it, I’m ok with that. You’re still making a difference.

Joanna Long

Joanna is a former researcher with Ethical Consumer, which evaluates companies based on their ethical policies and performances. She explains why you can feel good shopping on MiM.

Do we share the same values?
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